Rory Alec

GOD TV co-founder and CEO, Rory Alec introduces the far reaching work of Annie Chikhwaza in the Foreword to Mother of Malawi. Rory has filmed video updates on location at Kondanani several times, which have been televised worldwide. His Behind the Screens Africa Special on the orphanage can be watched at GOD TV’s website. Here is part of what Rory has shared about Annie in his foreword…

We at GOD TV are privileged to be a part of what God is doing through Annie Chikhwaza to help the children of Africa. Annie has very nearly lost her life on several occasions and it’s a complete miracle that she is alive today! She is a woman of tremendous faith and an inspiration to people worldwide. You’ll be challenged as you read her extraordinary story of God’s faithfulness, protection, and provision.

It’s amazing to think that a woman born in the Netherlands went to England, to South Africa, and then to Malawi, where she married a wonderful man, her late husband, Lewis Chikhwaza, and where God used them both to establish a ministry that is touching so many precious young lives today. I believe that God’s work through Kondanani is something profound and that it will have an impact on the entire continent of Africa. It has been my privilege to visit the Children’s Village several times to film the fruit of this extraordinary ministry and to share this with GOD TV’s viewers worldwide.

Kondanani truly is an oasis of tranquillity, education and equipping. The babies are such bundles of joy and I’m sure that amongst these wonderful young men and women we will find future presidents, doctors, pastors, business people, etc. I see phenomenal integrity, entrepreneurship and the favour of God through the work of an amazing woman who has such a mother’s heart in Africa.

Annie has always had a heart for the downcast. She was a successful businesswoman, but her ministry came first. I remember her days reaching out to help people in the violent township of Alexandra towards the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa. It was a desperate place, but God equipped Annie to reach out with His arms to people who were suffering. She was His hands, His feet, as the GOD TV family is called to be to a hurting world.

Now look what Annie is accomplishing in Malawi with such excellence. It’s so exciting to see the fruit God is bringing forth in her life despite the barriers that have stood in her way. It was a privilege to have known Lewis; he was a real gentleman, a pastor to pastors, and he leaves behind a legacy of faithfulness: “What a faith-ful God!” I can still hear him say.

We believe God has called GOD TV, as a media mission ministry, to be a servant to those who minister to widows and orphans, and we rejoice that we have been able to stand alongside Annie Chikhwaza and the work of Kondanani from the start. As you read her story you will be faced with things that make your heart ache, but, as you see what God has done for her and for these precious children, you will be filled with hope and joy.