Mother of Malawi Reader Feedback

Mother of Malawi Reader Feedback has come in from all over the world – from reviews on Amazon to people sharing on social media, it’s been amazing. There have been Five Stars on Good Reads and Amazon, messages on our Facebook pages, Instagram and loads of e-mails. This is what just a few of our readers have to say!

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Fascinating, gripping and inspirational

By Simon Dillon on Amazon, 27 November 2014 Al Gibson’s Mother of Milawi tells the amazing true story of Annie Chikhwaza, founder of the extraordinary Kondanani in Malawi, where abandoned babies – some of them HIV positive – are cared for and, if they survive, raised and educated.The book ambitiously details Annie’s life – how she was abused during childhood, her life-changing conversion to Christianity following a suicide attempt, her subsequent ministry work in Amsterdam and South Africa, an abusive marriage, divorce and eventual remarriage, which led to her founding Kondanani.There are many fascinating details and anecdotes – particularly with regard to Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and their well publicised adoption of one of Annie’s babies. Refreshingly, Annie adopts a far less judgemental attitude than that of the mainstream press on this issue, seeing Madonna not as a megastar but as a capable mother. All in all, a fascinating, gripping and inspirational piece of writing.  

Life changing

By Thankful on Amazon on 23 June 2013 This book is inspirational and life changing. Annie has been through so many things which enable people to identify with her. I was at a critical crossroads in my marriage. I read Annie’s chapter “God hates divorce” which helped me get back on track and conclude that God does indeed hate divorce and that, as Annie states, “God will make a way where there seems to be no way”.

An inspirational story, a must read book

Nathania gave it 5 Stars on Good Reads

This is such an inspirational story that I feel ridiculous for even feeling depressed about my life and church ministry. This is a must read book for all Christians for anyone actually. The trial this woman went through and her ending trust in God is mind blowing. This isn’t just some feel good story. Annie went through many a near death experience, sexual abuse, spousal abuse and isolation that it is a miracle that she still trust and loves God and isn’t bitter. She is a trooper. It’s funny how I just got this book in such difficult time in my life that I was questioning my faith in God. It is a good book, an easy read and so dramatic that often times I wonder how can one person can go through so much and still be so empowered.

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