Bill Winston Prays For The Children Of Kondanani

Dr Bill Winston of Living Word Christian Center in Chicago is a regular visitor to Africa, with a heart towards empowering people internationally. On this latest trip to Malawi Dr Winston and his team took time to visit Kondanani and pray for the children. Watch this short clip of his visit which contains a prayer of blessing over Kondanani, its visionaries, staff and children.


Dr Winston called Kondanani a great place of healing, deliverance, joy and prosperity.

“We pray that all those who are here, that Father You would make them even leaders of the world. That You would open divine doors for them, opportunities and give them gifts and talents the world is looking for. Father, We thank You for Your blessing upon this entire facility.”

Bill Winston in Malawi

Bill Winston first met Kondanani Founder, Annie Chikhwaza during his trip to Malawi in 2014 and she had the opportunity to share her far-reaching vision with him for the next generation of African leaders.

At the time Dr Winston was in Blantyre to speak at the Economic Empowerment Summit with the theme of ‘Extraordinary Leadership For Tough Times.’ He addressed a breakfast for Malawian leaders including prominent businesspeople and Members of Parliament and also spoke at a Pastors and Leaders Seminar.

Annie was able to give Dr Winston a copy of her biography ‘Mother of Malawi’ to take back the USA, where the book has already sold several hundred copies. Her extraordinary story continues to be an inspiration to many Americans. Now Bill Winston has been able to see some of what God has done through Kondanani, first hand and meet the children in person!


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