Kondanani In The Media

Kondanani Children’s Village has received much media coverage over the years. The orphanage’s founder, Annie Chikhwaza is known as “Mother of Malawi’. She and Kondanani have received much coverage from TV networks and newspapers both locally in Malawi and internationally.

When Madonna adopted a baby from the orphanage in 2008 it became a focus of global attention and a Dutch network produced a documentary on Annie’s life entitled ‘Mem in Malawi’. She is an inspiration to many and her biography, ‘Mother of Malawi’ is a candid account of all the obstacles she has overcome.

Kondanani on GOD TV

Kondanani Children’s village and Annie Chikhwaza have featured regularly on GOD  TV over the past 20 years, from Behind the Screens updates to In Depth interviews broadcast around the world.

In a 2013 In Depth Special Liz Ray captured Annie’s life in a way that will strengthen your faith as to what God can do, even in the most hopeless situations.

GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec considers Annie to be her spiritual mother and she hosted Annie LIVE on 10 May 2015 direct from Jerusalem. It just so happened to be Mother’s Day!

Kondanani on Evangelische Omroep

In February 2008 the Dutch television station, Evangelische Omroep (EO) broadcast a documentary on Annie’s Life entitled ‘Mem in Malawi’ (Mother of Malawi). The video is a remarkable dramatisation of her life story, highlighting her transition from rebellious teenager and suicidal young woman to a go-getting young entrepreneur and businesswoman who headed up her own credit control company. How a near fatal attack on her life left her income generating activities in tatters and how she had to rebuild her life and ministry to become the successful leader of an organization with hundreds of staff members, and the passionate philanthropist she is today.

In November 2008, EO also featured Annie’s Work at Kondanani in ‘A Good Start’ focusing on a young couple, Jan & Esther Ekkel who have been waiting for a baby for several years. Through a Dutch Adoption Agency and Kondanani, the big day finally comes and they are told they have been assigned a son in Africa. A camera crew follows them to Kondanani where they meet their child for the first time. It is an emotional experience filled with joy as the couple experience life at the orphanage while they wait for the adoption to be finalised. They make a tearful visit to the child’s grandmother, to see his birthplace and visit the grave of his mother. They are overwhelmed by the poverty of the village, the tin plates, pots and pans on the dusty floor. It’s a sad day, but also a day filled with hope for the baby’s future.

Annie Chikhwaza on Swedish TV

What is the Swedish media saying about Kondanani?

Swedish Television Network, SVT carried a report on Kondanani on it’s Korrespondenterna programme. For our Swedish friends, click to read SVT reporter, Erika Bjerström’s article about how Kondanani is making a difference in Malawi.

“These children would be dead if I had not received them,” Annie says speaking about the AIDS epidemic which has hit Malawi hard. The video shows her genuine affection for each child in her care, the little ones are obviously well cared for, and happy as they sing “I have decided to follow Jesus.”

Although the report highlights the good Kondanani is achieving, it also question’s Annie’s motives in assisting the children of Malawi – whether she is just upholding Western superiority while overlooking Malawi’s recent improvements.

Erika Bjerström comes to the conclusion that Annie feels there is no future for Africa, but this is not so. She mention’s Annie’s biography ‘Mother of Malawi’ but unfortunately overlook’s Annie’s aspirations to transform Africa, especially recorded in the chapters. “My Vision For Africa”; “My African Dream” and “Our Fight for Africa’s Children.”

Read Mother of Malawi and decide for yourself! Get your copy of Mother of Malawi here today! Or purchase from Amazon