Is Annie’s story a modern Parable?

Jesus spoke in Parables… He talked about buried treasure exhorting people to walk in the fulness of their God-given talents… He spoke about the obstacles believers would face as he shared on the sower going out to sow, and how some seed would fall on stony ground, be eaten by birds or choked by weeds… and He warned that we cannot expect to receive forgiveness, if we don’t forgive others.

The life story of Annie Chikhwaza has many Biblical parallels that echo the Parables we reach about in the Gospels. It is fitting therefore that Parable Magazine in Johannesburg has captured some of these in it’s New Year edition. Be blessed as you read Soloman Izang Ashom’s interview with Annie – Click here to read: Parable Magazine’s interview with Annie Chikhwaza during her recent visit to Johannesburg. If you haven’t purchased the book it is available here as well as at many online book sites or Christian bookshops.

You will be inspired by Mother of Malawi, the Biography of Annie Chikhwaza. It will encourage you to press into your God given talent, utilising it to the full. It will challenge you to walk above every obstacle you face, helping you to sow better seeds into good soil so you can reap a hundred-fold harvest… And you will learn to live entirely free from past hurts and issues of forgiveness that hold you back from all that God has for you.