Invite Annie As A Guest Speaker

The founder of Kondanani Children’s Village in Africa, Annie Chikhwaza has come to be known as ‘Mother of Malawi’ in recognition of her far-reaching ministry in saving the lives of hundreds of children, some with HIV/AIDs, in one of the world’s poorest countries. Her biography, ‘Mother of Malawi’ has been published worldwide and Annie has often been interviewed in the international media, on both radio and TV, and has spoken in churches in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa and Australia.

Church congregations and business breakfasts are inspired by Annie’s testimony of life out of death and her passion for teaching on victory in Christ. She is great with multi-cultural audiences, sharing from her heart with a wonderful sense of humour and people are inspired by her devotion to the mission field. Annie has been on book tours to the UK, South Africa, Australia and and the USA. She is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Annie can be contacted via email at

‘Mother of Malawi’ is written by GOD TV journalist Al Gibson and published by Monarch Books / Lion Hudson. GOD TV’s co-founder, Wendy Alec has written the Afterword. The book tells how Annie grew up in post-war Holland facing hardship and abuse and how she was able to overcome self-harming and suicide when her life was transformed through the ministry of Brother Andrew, the Dutch Evangelist, known as ‘God’s Smuggler’. Annie left the Netherlands to go to Bible School in the UK but instead found herself in South Africa where further obstacles had to be overcome.

Annie ultimately settled in Malawi where she married prominent Malawian pastor, Lewis Chikhwaza but their ministry was destroyed by a brutal attack on Annie’s life by a mob of angry villagers who left her for dead. But, God promised Annie that the place where her blood had been spilled, a place of death and destruction would become a place of life and hope for those without life or hope. Through the power of forgiveness Annie was able to rebuild her ministry and she has created an entire town in Malawi, providing a refuge for orphaned children that includes children’s homes, schools, a clinic and farm.

Annie is an ordained minister through Faith Christian Fellowship (FCF) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA with a ministry that spans many years – from South Africa where she reached out to the people of Alexandra Township at the height of the apartheid era – to her mission to Malawi.

Malawi has a population of 12 million people with one million orphans. Kondanani cares for about 200 children, some with HIV/AIDS as well as reaching out to its surrounding community by providing a clinic for children needing rehabilitation. The Children’s Village is supported by organisations such as Cross International and GOD TV and is also assisted by local churches. Kondanani has also attracted the attention of the commercial media as an example of good aid to Africa.

GOD TV has recorded several programmes on the orphanage including an In Depth Special with Liz Ray and ‘An Evening With Wendy’ where Annie chatted to ‘her spiritual daughter’ Wendy Alec. “Annie Chikhwaza mentored me as a young woman. Now she’s doing the same for many others!” says Wendy. “She has a heart after God and you’ll be touched as you read her amazing story. She has an apostolic calling on her life. She used to go into the townships of South Africa to rescue people and what she has done with the children of Malawi is incredible!”

In 2008 the Dutch TV station, Evangelische Omroep (EO) aired a documentary entitled Mem in Malawi (Mother of Malawi) – a dramatisation of Annie’s life story, highlighting her transition from rebellious teenager and suicidal young woman to becoming an evangelist on the streets of Amsterdam. How she married an African Pastor and went to Malawi where a near fatal attack left her ministry in tatters and how she had to rebuild her life to become the Christian leader she is today.

Mother of Malawi is available in Christian bookshops as well as an ebook on Amazon.

Mother of Malawi is written by Al Gibson, who in 30 years in media has interviewed many inspirational leaders. In addition to Mother of Malawi he has written Life on the Line, the biography of international evangelist, Des Sinclair. Both books are published by Lion Hudson, under the Monarch Books imprint.