Evangelicals Now – Moving Story


‘Moving story’ says Evangelicals Now

Monarch Books. 315 pages. £8.99 ISBN 978 0 857 213 754

Annie Chikhwaza is Dutch and loves the marginalised. She suffered abuse as a child and became a troubled young woman.

However, the transformation in her life when she was radically converted reveals the power of the gospel. Marriage to an Englishman led her to South Africa. There she began an evangelistic work in the township of Alexandra, often risking her life. She saw many come to Christ. Her involvement ended when she had to work to support her family after her marriage breakdown.

Eight years later marriage to a poor pastor, Lewis Chikhwaza, who she had met at the Rhema Bible School, took her to Malawi. His family refused to accept her and tried to kill her. There she was appalled by the thousands of HIV/AIDS orphans on the streets. Despite much opposition and with amazing answers to prayer, she set up an orphanage, which has grown into a small town, with medical facilities, schools and a farm. This is an amazing work of faith and compassion which achieved international fame when Madonna adopted one of its little girls.

While I do not share her theology, which is prosperity gospel and ‘words from the Lord’, it is difficult not to be moved by this story. Annie has suffered much and her consequent compassion shines through. Her huge courage and determination to bring hope and good news to the poor is motivating. So also is her sacrificial lifestyle, which seems contradictory to Rhema theology.

Daphne Ross, Farnham Baptist Church
Evangelicals Now, UK