Annie In The UK

2015 UK Trip – Exeter & Plymouth Edit

Annie Chikhwaza visited the UK in September, speaking at the River Church in Exeter and Plymouth pastored by Mark & Nita Pugh, where she shared about overcoming obstacles, hearing God’s voice and responding to God’s missionary call.

Annie also spoke at a Malawi Orphans Benefit Evening at the Exeter Conference Centre. This took the form of a cheese and wine with African decor; Ethiopian scarf mini fashion show and songs by Nqo Ndlovu including the African anthem, ‘Nkosi Sikele’, God Bless Africa. Annie was interviewed by Tumi Siwoku and several hundred pounds was raised for the children at Kondanani.

Kondanani’s new video was played for the first time to a UK audience and people loved catching a glimpse of the life the children are able to live through the generosity of friends of Kondanani throughout the world.

See some of the photographs from the #MotherOfMalawi UK 2015 trip below. Click on any of the photos to see the full photostream.