Annie Chikhwaza on SABC

South African fans of Mother of Malawi will have been pleased to see Annie Chikhwaza on SABC. The founder of Kondanani Children’s Village spoke to Kim McFarlane on Life 24/7, a magazine series on SABC television.

“I’ve interviewed many amazing people over my years on Christian TV,” said Kim on Instagram, “But this interview blew me away. #MotherOfMalawi  her new book! She lives to tell the tale. Buy her book from a CUM bookstore. It’ll change the way you see life. Courage on a whole notha level!”

Viewer response to Annie Chikhwaza on SABC included: “Annie’s work is amazing. I was lucky enough to visit Kondanani in Malawi.”

Thanks to Andrew Timm of ATTV the producers of Life 24/7 for covering Mother of Malawi on South African television.

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