An Evening With Wendy – With Special Guest, Annie Chikwaza

Watch the full broadcast of An Evening With Wendy, recorded LIVE in Jerusalem in 2015 as Wendy Alec interviews her spiritual mother Annie Chikhwaza about her life and ministry.

Watch An Evening With Wendy in full

Initially Wendy introduces members of the GOD TV team and brings a series of updates. Then 40 minutes into the broadcast, it’s over to her interview with the founder of Kondanani Children’s Village. Be inspired as Annie Chikhwaza tells Wendy about the miracles God has done in her life and how He provides for the orphans in her care.

Wendy and Annie reminisce on how they met and how God has used them to impact each other’s lives. Wendy talks about Annie’s apostolic calling and how she received strength through her ministry. They also share about the importance of forgiveness and Annie describes how she could have let bitterness destroy her life and steal her calling from God, but chose to forgive and has seen amazing fruit as a result.

“It’s God’s Word that you bury inside of you that comes out when you are in a time of great distress,” Annie says, talking about a near fatal attack on her life. Wendy asks Annie to pray for all who have a God-given call, for courage to boldly fulfill what the Lord has instructed them to do, no matter what lies in their way.

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