Al Gibson, Author of Mother of Malawi

The author of Mother of Malawi, Al Gibson is a journalist and writer based in England who has some 30 years experience in media in Southern Africa and the UK. He has worked for GOD TV since 2002 assisting the global network with its communications needs; has written several books; many magazine articles; and is an active online contributor.

Al Gibson

Al covered Kondanani Children’s village as part of his work at GOD TV and met Annie Chikhwaza in a surprise meeting at the Zimbabwe / South Africa border post in 2006. He hosted Annie several times in the UK where interviews for Mother of Malawi were done and later visited Kondanani in 2012 to see things first-hand.

Through Al’s prior connection with publisher, Tony Collins, Mother of Malawi was published by Lion Hudson in 2013. It has since sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.

Al Gibson has continued to be a faithful friend of Kondanani over the past 10 years, he helped to develop Kondanani UK and has served as a director of the UK charity which raises funds towards the project in Malawi.

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