Afterword – Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec

Christian media pioneer and best-selling author, Wendy Alec has contributed to Mother of Malawi with a challenging Afterword. Wendy and Annie have known each other for many years and Mother of Malawi has a chapter about Wendy entitled, ‘My Beautiful Spiritual Daughter’ Wendy Alec is also the best-selling author of The Chronicles of Brothers and Visions From Heaven.

What God has done for Annie He can do for you, as you trust Him!

An epic battle for the Last Days is upon us. The evil one is furious with what God is doing in the lives of believers, and so many have been propelled into traumatic situations. They may be in a pit, like Joseph, or in the lions’ den, like Daniel, or in a fiery furnace. But when Peter was “sifted as wheat”, how did Jesus respond to him? “I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail,” He said (Luke 22:32).

My dear friend Annie Chikhwaza is an excellent example of a woman whose faith has not failed her. She has been in the pit, knows the lions’ den well, and has often been sifted. Her life has been threatened many times and she was even left for dead, but by God’s grace she has prevailed.

Annie is an overcomer, and I know your faith will be strengthened by her testimony of what God can do in the most hopeless of situations. I want to encourage you today – what God has done for Annie He can and will do in your life, if you just trust Him.

And if you feel you have been sifted as wheat, I believe the Lord wants to respond to you in the same way as He spoke to Peter. “I have prayed for you,” He says, “that your faith wouldn’t fail you.”

It’s my prayer that reading this book will not just have strengthened your faith but that you will have experienced the love of God in a new way, and that your hope in God has increased. I believe the Lord wants the Church to achieve new breakthroughs, and that’s why stories like Annie’s are so inspiring, because they prove what can be done by the power of God working through His faithful people.

I regard Annie as a spiritual mother. She took me into her home and helped disciple me when I was young. Now she is doing the same for countless others! We have shared many tears of joy and laughter as we have experienced God’s provision together and been enabled to overcome the opposition we have faced. We thank God that He has sustained us all these years and that our faith has not failed us. May your faith never fail you.

I regard Annie as a spiritual mother. She took me into her home and helped disciple me when I was young. Now she is doing the same for countless others! – Wendy Alec.

I trust that Annie’s story will continue to give you hope, but if you feel hopeless for any reason today, be assured that God is on your side and that His plan for you will come to fruition.

The promises of the Bible offer such hope for people who, like the “woman with the issue of blood”, have been from doctor to doctor and done all they can to find healing. Some have been weighed down with feelings of depression and anxiety, not wanting to live any longer, saying, “Father, I can’t go on like this; I’d rather go home to be with You.”

As the chapters of this book have unfolded you will have discovered how Annie dealt with such challenges, and seen how God came through for her – and He will most certainly come through for you too.

The Father wants His children to see His power at work, to see the Holy Spirit bring the answers to our prayers. He is not a vague, distant spiritual entity. He is close to the brokenhearted; He is moved by the tears of the innocent victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa, whom Annie so lovingly cares for, and, if you are hurting today, I hope you know that He is close to you.

God will not forsake you, and Jesus will not forget you. The Father sent His Son into the world so that you might have eternal life. If you are a believer, your name is written in the Book of Life and God knows the very number of hairs on your head.

But Jesus did not come just to secure your eternity, but so that you might also overcome all the troubles of this life. He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith, and He will finish what He has started.

And be assured that God’s blessing is not just for heaven; He wants you to experience it right here on earth:

“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.” (Psalm 27:13–14)

Annie sees life as an obstacle race, and I hope that her story has inspired you to climb over each obstacle you encounter, and continue the race.

The Lord wants to reveal His mercy, His compassion, and His loving-kindness to the world, and it’s our heartfelt desire at GOD TV, in partnership with the many charities we support worldwide, including Kondanani, to be part of this work.

Together we can indeed be an oasis of love for those in need.

Wendy Alec

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